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BioPower Corporation has a footprint in the Nigerian market, and the primary objective is the introduction of specialised sanitation and renewable energy solutions for West Africa:


  • Designing and constructing Waste Stabilisation Ponds around various urban- and rural hubs in Nigeria
  • Installing Flush-Tech Sanitation Systems at schools, hospitals, estates, shopping centres and other residential  developments
  • Treating pit latrines in villages with BioSol SL36
  • Rehabilitating and treating cesspools at residential developments
  • Manage and maintain waste water systems
  • Installation of Biogas technology and processes from piggeries, cattle, horse and poultry farms
  • Installation of hydrogen fuel cells, as well as other renewable energy options
  • Landfill use for alternative energy
  • Improved water conservation methods.



































The partnership with Nigeria helps facilitate the paradigm shift in policy that is needed to tackle open defecation in Nigeria, and ensure efficient, improved access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene in schools, households and public facilities.


This partnership ensures a mutually beneficial transfer of skills between the southern tip of Africa, and the Western parts of the continent. This guarantees the successful implementation of green projects in the Nigerian environment, whilst establishing profitable and self-sustaining communities.