BPC offer our Processor technology to the municipality, where our state-of-the-art Control Units can be used to replace current controllers and offer major updated functionality with internet connectivity and remote-accessible off-site capability, with provision made for:


  • Off-site Monitoring.
  • Off-site Troubleshooting.
  • Off-site Operation.
  • 4-beam alarm-system.
  • 4-channel/8-channel security/monitoring cameras showing live footage of the plant for security and monitoring along with the remote processor.
  • The opportunity to retrospectively add remote wastewater quality probes for real-time monitoring – such as Dissolved Oxygen, pH, MLSS etc.


The processor units host a touch screen interface for manually controlling the pumps and aerators that govern the plant. This is an automatic process but can be overridden.












The same interface as at the plant is also available on the phones and laptops of key personnel – meaning the plant can be manually adjusted and monitored from anywhere in the world as the need arises.


There are 4 to 8 beams, and two optic sensors that trigger an alarm linked to offsite security included in the system.


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Cameras have been installed in the plant at strategic points with one month footage back-up. This ensures security and monitoring at any time, as live streaming is available.